[Game] Adrenaline Racing – My New Game on Google Play

Put the pedal to the metal in my latest game on Google Play! It’s a topdown racing game with a small twist. The roads are not straight and this makes the game more fun. Also the position of the handheld it’s horizontal and this way it’s more natural than vertical topdown racing games. Give it […]

[Blog] My First Game on Steam – 60K downloads

Purgatory it’s my first game developed for PC. Here’s the steam page http://store.steampowered.com/app/473470. It’s a tactical rpg with pixel art. The game is created from scratch with Unity3d and I’ve created all assets from pixel art to code architecture. It has a lot of influence from our childhood masterpiece Heroes III. I just loved that […]

[Game] Upcoming Racing Car Game

As I’ve promised in the last post, I’ll give some teasers about my new racing car game. It doesn’t have a name yet so I’ll refer to it for now as “the racing game”. Here’s a screenshot.Yeah, the player car drifts. Hell yeah, it gonna be fun. The objective of the game is to reach […]

[Code] Fixing Bugs on Santa Splitz

Fixing some bugs on an older project called Santa Splitz, game made for my good friend Colin from evolvedsoftware.net. We redesigned together panels and I’ve fixed some bugs found in the panels functionality. Now the panels are more intuitive and the information is more clearer. We think this will improve the user experience.