[Report] 10 Days After Publishing My First Game On Google Play

On 6 December (2015) I’ve lunched on Google Play my first game called Up!. It’s a simple game with clean and beautiful graphics, inspired by the aesthetics of the Monument Valley (awesome game made by the guys from ustwo). The gameplay is based on one tap mechanic: you are a white ball that should avoid the black boxes by switching between the two pillars. Seems easy? Just try it. Here’s the gameplay video.

CUocyomWIAE7Q96.png large

So, after launch I’ve put some post on my facebook account, on couple of facebook groups related to game developers and on reddit.com. That’s all the marketing I’ve make so far. And here is the result ↓

10DaysWithUpUp! made 80 downloads and a rating of 4.83 stars.  The game was well received but the number of downloads is still way to low. I’m preparing an important update with some things spotted by the users, add some new content (make some skins for the ball),  implement some cross promoting ads through Chartboost. Then try to do more marking, maybe try some facebook ads to see how it goes.

Oh, and almost forgot, the revenue…here’s the revenue from 80 downloads (I’m using AdMob for the banner ads and interstitials) ↓


It’s something, with that amount I can buy a very cheap beer :)))). But the struggle is not over, I know that this simple game can be improved and make more that a beer. I’ll keep you guys updated.

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