[Game] Upcoming Racing Car Game

As I’ve promised in the last post, I’ll give some teasers about my new racing car game. It doesn’t have a name yet so I’ll refer to it for now as “the racing game”. Here’s a screenshot.Racing Car GameYeah, the player car drifts. Hell yeah, it gonna be fun. The objective of the game is to reach the checkpoints before the time runs out. To do that you need to switch lanes, avoid traffic cars, pick up speed power ups and drift.

The gameplay core mechanics are implemented. Right now I was working on the other scenes to implement the panels and all that GUI stuff. Here’s the car selection scene where you can choose your car and modified the stats of it.cars3As I advance with the development I’ll post updates. Hope that by the end of this week to wrap up the game and prepare it for app store review.

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