[Blog] My First Game on Steam – 60K downloads

Purgatory it’s my first game developed for PC. Here’s the steam page http://store.steampowered.com/app/473470. It’s a tactical rpg with pixel art. The game is created from scratch with Unity3d and I’ve created all assets from pixel art to code architecture. It has a lot of influence from our childhood masterpiece Heroes III. I just loved that game. I’m happy that now I can develop games and hopefully one day create a solid game that will be just as half fun as it was Heroes.

And here’s a SteamSpy screenshot:


I wasn’t expecting almost 60k downloads. Wow! So I thanks all guys out there that downloaded the game. It means a lot for me and give me a boost of confidence to create better games.

We’ve made couple of mistakes regarding early launch but we’ve fixed them in the following patches. Lesson learn!  Now I’m working with Ross, they guy behind New Reality Games, on the Purgatory successor which will be better polished and will have more content. User feedback it’s was crucial to us. I’ll keep you posted with updates. For now here’s a sneak peak:


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