[Art] Step-by-step Children Book Illustration

It has been a while since last post. Not good. Despite the fact that half of the year has past I’ll try to cover the lost ground and keep one of my New Year’s resolutions: get more exposure and keep the blog updated. So here we are, no more talk, let’s put some content to this blog post.

Today, in a break of my usual work (the following blog post will spill some details about the current game I’m working on), I’ve made a cute illustration for poem book of a friend of mine. The poems are for little kids and they are very lovely so I got involved with the project.

Here’s the process. Firstly I’ve stated with a sketch.

Sketch - Children Book IllustrationI’ve kept the sketch on separate layer turned down the layer transparency to 20-30% and created a new layer for the tired cat. Damn, that cat looks so tired :)).

Then I’ve added some blobs of colors, one by one and made form time to time with some puffy brush some shadows. With a hard brush I’ve made the finer details like eyebrows and eyes.

I’ve made a collage of couple of screenshot to be easier to follow the process. The numbers of layer I’ve keep to the minimum, I didn’t felt the need for more than one per item/character.

Collage - Children Book IllustrationHope that showing a bit of the drawing process it will help some of you guys. Oh, and of course, all critics and comments are welcomed.

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